When Windows passes Apple and Firefox

If you go back six years to Windows NT and Windows ME, and take the state of Microsoft security then and compare it to what it is now, and visualize the line of improvement you’d see what looks like a reverse hockey stick: a slow ramp at first with a near vertical ramp over the last few years.

Granted the exposures have increased as well, but arguably not as quickly, and now you can at least argue that Microsoft’s security is adequate in many ways if not exemplary.

Security improvements with Apple haven’t been as pronounced as that platform was already seen as relatively secure as it’s based on UNIX which traded off ease of use for security early on and Apple, wisely, didn’t break the security model.

Firefox was largely protected by its obscurity, few used it and, at least initially, those taking advantage of exploits seemed more interested in making a statement then in getting access to personal information. That has clearly changed with the focus of many of the most damaging attacks now focused on identity theft and the criminals are now targeting both Apple and Firefox. Security Pipeline | Desktop Security and Vista: When Windows passes Apple and Firefox

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