Extortion virus staging renewed attacks in Russia

Two new versions of a virus first reported in May are staging renewed attacks against computers in Russia, encrypting files and then extorting money from victims to decode the files.

After an infection, the Russian-language instructions let victims know how many of their files have been encrypted. Translated, the warning says, "If you want to get these damn files in the decrypted format" then write to the e-mail address given. The message goes on to say, "P.S. And be thankful that they were not completely erased!"

The viruses, called JuNy.A and JuNy.B, search for more than 100 file types by extension, according to a warning issued by Websense Inc. The renewed attack was first reported on a weblog published by Kaspersky Lab Ltd. Extortion virus makes rounds in Russia - Computerworld

Linked by shanmuga Tuesday, 25th October 2005 11:37PM