Shop At Home Select- Celebrity Fun and Free Azoogle Icons

There has been a number of blogs and articles written about Commission Junction's eviction of Shop At Home Select from their network for various infractions. It so happens that fellow researcher Chris Boyd and I had been monitoring this particular application for some time. The "fun" was so amusing we even took a video of the install in action. Unfortunately it weighed in at over 350 megs so until they open up a category at Sundance for sleazy installs readers will have to be content with still shots during some of the sweet action occuring on our test PCs.

As usual pictures speak louder than words and raher than bore you with a diatribe on what we documented I'll just take you to the show. You might even recognize some of the names in this dazzling cinematic display...Shop at Home Select, Sidefind, Your Site Bar, Powerscan, Bullseye Networks and Internet Optimizer. Shop At Home Select- Celebrity Fun & Free Azoogle Icons - ReveNews - Wayne Porter, Sr. Director Greynet Research, Online Revenue News & Opinions Since 1998

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 26th October 2005 7:16AM