"We are not afraid of Google" says Bill Gates

Google Inc. is fierce competition for Microsoft Corp., but the software giant does not fear the race and plans to upgrade his search technology in the next six months, Microsoft CEO
Bill Gates said in remarks published Wednesday.

On his first-ever trip to
Israel, Gates praised Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon and Israel's contributions to the global high-tech market. In interviews with Israeli TV and newspapers, he also answered questions about Microsoft's fierce competition with Mountain View, California-based Google.

"We are not afraid of Google, but there is intense competition between us. Google is our main competitor, brilliant people work there, but Internet search engines are still in a terrible state compared to where they could be," Gates was quoted as saying in the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot.

"This is a situation that we hope will change for the better in the next six months. We are working on it, as are other companies, such as Google and Yahoo," Gates added in comments that were translated into Hebrew. Gates Welcomes Competition With Google - Yahoo! News

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