Origins of spy-mail easy to trace

Can the government IT systems be hacked, broken into and information stolen or planted? The answer is yes. It is a fact of life in the IT industry that there is no such thing as a secure network. IT systems and networks can have a high or low level of security, but the perfect impenetrable network does not exist.

Is it a trivial matter to break into government systems? This is a question that needs deeper understanding.

The government’s information security policies are modelled around the BS7799 standard, which is an internationally recognised benchmark for information security around the world. But the problem comes with implementing those policies.

On October 10, it was reported that government websites were repeatedly hacked into by a group calling themselves the “Beyond Crew”. Technical personnel fixed their web servers only to have them hacked into again by another group known as “BHS-Team”. These systems were built on platforms generally regarded as very secure.
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