Harvesting a Bot Army (Part 2)

We left off in part one having seen John go over his tool requirements, as well as methodology. He knew that could break into some computers, but he wanted to also safeguard his newly harvested victim. To that end he was planning on remotely installing the patch to plug the hole he had used to get in. He thought this a fairly crafty twist, and in reality it was not bad. This type of activity is actually seen in the wild, and has been chronicled by ensuing investigations into compromised computers. At this point John was now ready to do a practice run within his computer lab. All of the work would be done via two W2K Pro VMWare images. That way John did not have to possibly contaminate his own computer. Also he could take as many snapshots of his images thereby speeding up his research if he made a mistake. With that in hand letís follow along, as John goes about his practice run. Shells for Sale! (Part 2)

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