Kaspersky Labs: Virus Top Twenty for October 2005

October 2005 was rich in new malicious programs. In the space of a single week, Kaspersky Lab virus analysts broke their own record, adding more than 1400 new records to the antivirus databases.

The leader of the Top Twenty has changed yet again, with Mytob.c putting in yet another appearance. It's highly likely that this worm will turn out to be the most widespread malicious program of 2005.

In second place we have a newcomer to our rankings. This worm is Doombot.b, one of the 'new generation' worms released into the vacuum left by Mytob. Doombot is very similar to Mytob in its functionality. It combines email worm and IRC bot functionality, as does Mytob, and is based on the source code of Mydoom. However, some of Doombot's main components are significantly different, and this is why we classify it as belonging to a different family. It's worth stressing that variant .b was detected on 16th October, meaning that it was able to rise to second place within a mere two weeks or so. We may well see Doombot heading the Top Twenty in November. company information

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