Uproot Sony-BMG's Invasion of Your Privacy and Your Computer

For years now, copy-restriction software has been a looming threat to those who purchase music and want to make fair uses such as space-shifting it from one device or computer to another. Fortunately, early versions of the software were so cumbersome and easy to work around that consumers whole-heartedly rejected or bypassed them. Recently, however, at least one record label has stepped up the war for control of digital content by drawing from the playbook of spyware companies and virus-writers.....While it is debatable whether copy-restriction software can even prevent serious illegal copying to begin with, there should be no question that invading our computers and infecting our systems should be off-limits. Unfortunately, the law is unclear on the exact rights users have to keep programs like Sony's rootkit off your computer when you purchase their CDs or click on a random "I Agree" button that might appear during an installation process. EFF: DeepLinks

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 3rd November 2005 9:49PM