People behind SearchMiracle and Elitebar Spyware Busted?

A user at Spyware Warrior forums posted an unconfimed report on an apparent raid of Enternet Media's offices in Woodland Hills, California.

This is my first time on anything like this, but I am compelled to write after doing research on Enternet Media Inc. I found out what they are all about and I thought someone might be interested.

Their office in Woodland Hills was raided yesterday by 7 policemen and 5 people in suits. I can only speculate, but they were there all day and took a bunch of stuff out. I heard the words "injuction"and "putting key corporate information under a fictitions business name".

Enternet Media are the folks behind one of the most egregious spyware apps around, SearchMiracle/Elitebar. Another fallen spyware pusher? | Spyware Confidential |

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 4th November 2005 6:54AM