Malware Removal: Lodav Trojan Removal

Lodav is a dangerous trojan designed to disable security-related software. Once executed, the parasite searches for installed antiviruses, firewalls, various system tools and security-related programs, terminates their processes and kills related active services. It also deletes essential files and critical registry entries required to run security-related applications. Lodav is able to corrupt nearly all popular products including Norton AntiVirus, McAfee AntiVirus, NOD32, ZonLabs ZoneAlarm, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Outpost Firewall, etc. The trojan may also block access to well-known security-related and commercial web sites. It automatically runs on every Windows startup.

Related files: antiav_exe.exe, antiav_dll.dll

Lodav properties:
Hides from the user
Stays resident in background Remove Lodav, removal instructions

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 4th November 2005 7:07AM