Network security shouldn’t rely on proprietary technology

In today’s business climate employees need to be mobile, and laptops are the device of choice to enable this mobility. Unfortunately, there are problems with all this mobility. If an employee spends more time traveling than in the office, and does not connect back to the office regularly, they will not get necessary patches for security issues in the operating system, or upgrades needed to defend against the latest viruses.

There are two groups trying to define how enterprises can protect themselves from mobile virus threats. One is made up of Cisco and its partners, relying on proprietary Cisco technology, while the other group is a multi-vendor effort backing an open standards-based approach. While both systems will help secure enterprises, there are benefits to running with a standards-based solution over treading a proprietary path. Departmental/End-User Computing > Small-Area Networking (SAN) > Network security shouldn’t rely on proprietary technology

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 4th November 2005 1:48PM