Identity theft preventable, say detectives

Reports of fraud and identity theft are rising in Cache County, but detectives at the Logan Police Department say there are measures residents can take to give them a much better chance of avoiding thieves.

Detective Wesley Land, one of three men the Logan department has dedicated to investigating financial-related crimes, said about 85 percent of crimes such as fraud and identity theft can be prevented if people protect themselves.

“These people (criminals) are con artists and they’re very good at what they do,” Land said. “They’re trying to get your confidence, and then they’ll rob you blind.”

If people are suspicious about every unfamiliar person who contacts them and asks for personal information, however, incidents of crime should decrease.

Oftentimes people will get phone calls from someone claiming to be from a bank, asking the individual to verify their account information. Land and fellow detective Mark Robinson said people should never give information over the phone when someone contacts them. Someone should only give personal information out over the phone when they initiate a call with a trusted source, and even then, the individual should question why the institution needs the information. The Herald Journal: Local News

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