EMI says: We don't use rootkits

The EMI Group, one of the world's largest recording companies, has distanced itself from the controversy surrounding digital rights management (DRM) software used by Sony BMG by stating that it does not use rootkits on its own products.

Sony has been criticized for including DRM software with a music CD that runs even when the CD is not being played, and hides itself using rootkit technology. The software is difficult to remove and, if removed manually, could shut off access to the computer's CD player.

It has been rumored that other recording giants including EMI and the Universal Music Group use technology similar to that used by Sony; an EMI spokesman said on Friday that the DRM used on EMI's CDs can be completely removed if the user doesn't want to play the CD any more. EMI: We don't use rootkits | CNET News.com

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 7th November 2005 11:40AM