Phishing for facts in the Big Apple

Consumers are still happily giving away personal information that could be used to steal their identities and commit fraud or other crimes in their name.

This was the conclusion of RSA Security after its current security survey showed again how easy it is for criminals to get their hands on people's personal information.

Its latest study targeted New Yorkers. Armed with clipboards, pencils and matching “I LOVE NY” shirts, a team of surveyors set up shop in New York’s Central Park.

The aim was to find out how much personal information consumers would give up while participating in a survey supposedly about tourism in the city. The scenario was deliberately set up to feel official and safe - much as online phishing attacks try to convince customers of their legitimacy with real logos and industry terminology.

In this experiment, the questions were aimed at uncovering the type of 'innocent' information – mother’s maiden name, favourite sports team, date of birth – that people commonly use as passwords but do not generally think they need to protect. Phishing for facts in the Big Apple - Computeract!ve

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