Privacy: Telstra 'worst privacy invader'

TELSTRA, the NSW Government and senators Amanda Vanstone and Julian McGauran have been named as Australia's worst privacy invaders in national shame awards.

The Australian Privacy Foundation (APF), a national lobby group dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of Australians, announced the winners of the annual Big Brother Awards, or Orwells, in Melbourne tonight.

But Telstra objected to being named the Greatest Corporate Invader, saying the APF's claim that its monitoring and surveillance policy showed a blatant disregard for staff privacy was incorrect.

"Telstra's... privacy policies are lawful, transparent and no different to many other large employers who from time to time are required to look into employee misconduct if, for example, the law has been breached," spokeswoman Kerrina Lawrence said. The Australian: Telstra 'worst privacy invader' [November 08, 2005]

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