Spam: UK's biggest spammer refuses to spill the beans

Peter Francis-Macrae, the 23-year-old who's allegedly the UK's biggest spammer, has testified that he may have "over stepped the mark" in posing as an approved domain registrar at his trial at Peterborough Crown Court this week. Francis-Macrae faces a variety of charges ranging from threats to kill to fraudulent trading.....Later in his testimony Francis-Macrae refused to disclose the location of an estimated 425,000 he'd earned through his domain registration activities. A number of accounts run by Francis-Macrae in the UK have been frozen and thousands in cash were seized when police raided his home but hundreds of thousands remain unaccounted. Francis-Macrae claimed Cambridgeshire police would "steal" the money if he revealed where it was hidden. Mystery over 'hidden booty' in email scam trial | The Register

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 9th November 2005 10:05PM