Linux worm overrated

......I can't say that it's the most elegant worm ever, it's certainly not the fastest spreading, and I suspect that it is one of the easier ones for the Internet-Powers-That-Be to stop spreading completely -- turn off the IP address that the worm is downloading its code from. Sure, we end up with a cycle where the author moves to another IP and re-releases the worm. But eventually even the most stubborn virus author will get bored with that game.

What's with all the reporting about this worm? Is it just the novelty of a bi-annual Linux worm compared to the systems coming out of Redmond? Or is there more here than meets the eye? I think there is a warning buried here, and maybe we should pay a little attention to it. Linux worm overrated

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 9th November 2005 10:29PM