Gartner: Sony's DRM 'spyware' is unacceptable

Gartner has criticised Sony for using rootkit technology to hide its Digital Rights Management (DRM) tool, which the analyst group said meets both the 'formal and informal definitions of spyware', and is 'unacceptable' behaviour.

The DRM software is called XCP and was created by UK-based First 4 Internet. It installs automatically when a CD is played on a PC and hides itself deep within the operating system. Security experts have blasted the cloaking mechanism, which is called 'rootkit', because it could be exploited by virus writers. Malware designed to take advantage of the veil provided by Sony BMG started appearing last week. Gartner: Sony's DRM 'spyware' is unacceptable: ZDNet Australia: News: Security

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 14th November 2005 2:48AM