Google Blog: The circle of analytics

“Analytics” is a sturdy business catchword, and of course “web analytics” has become its own buzz-phrase in recent years. The tools and services of the web analytics world give businesses precise information on what customers want, so that they can improve their online marketing and website content. These services help provide answers to questions like: Which keywords attract the most visitors? Which email campaigns create more customers? And how to design web page content that holds people’s attention?

We think every online business can benefit from knowing the answers, so today we’re launching Google Analytics. The same service (which used to be called Urchin from Google) used by dozens of Fortune 500 companies is now available to every business on the web. We’ve integrated it with AdWords, it’s easier to use –- and it’s free. We hope that Google Analytics will help improve the overall web –- one site at a time. Official Google Blog: The circle of analytics

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 14th November 2005 11:50AM