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Free Antimalware Tools – Online Single File

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Are you suspicious of a file and you want to scan it with an antimalware software before opening it? You are at the right place. The following is a list of free antimalware tools that lets you inspect an unknown file from the comfort of your browser.

Free Antimalware Tools (Online)

VirusTotal: Free Online Virus and Malware Scan – is a service that analyzes suspicious files and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by several leading antivirus engines.

Jotti's Online malware scan – is similar to VirusTotal. 10 MB file size limit.

Kaspersky free virus scan – Updates every three hours ensure that even the very newest viruses can be detected. 1 MB File size limit.

McAfee Inc. — WebImmune – You can submit potentially infected files to WebImmune for analysis. You will receive information about your files, including solutions and real-time fixes, if required. Registration required. – The Multi-Engine Virus Scanner – is a FREE on-line scan service, which checks uploaded files for malware, using antivirus engines, indicated in the VirSCAN list. On uploading files you want to be checked, you can see the result of scanning and how dangerous and harmful/harmless for your computer those files are. 10 MB File size limit.

Norman — Proactive IT security – Submit a Suspicious File for a FREE Malware Analysis

Dr.Web Virusscan [Online check] – You can check: Single files (office documents, executable files,…) Archives with different files inside (ZIP, ARJ, RAR,…) (infected files will be listed).

GFI Public Sandbox – GFI Sandbox™ (formerly CWSandbox) is an industry leading dynamic malware analysis tool. It gives you the power to analyze virtually any Windows application or file including infected: Office documents, PDF’s, malicious URL’s and Flash ads.

Anubis – is a service for analyzing malware. Submit your Windows executable and receive an analysis report telling you what it does. The file must be a Windows executable of not more than 2 MB.

FortiGuard Online Virus Scanner & Submission – If you discover a suspicious file on your machine, or suspect that a program you downloaded from the internet might be malicious you can scan it here. Enter the file name to be checked in the box below and it will automatically be uploaded from your computer to a dedicated server where it will be scanned using FortiClient Anti-Virus. 1 MB File size limit.

Virus.Org :: Malware Scanning Service – this service scans uploaded files with several common Anti-Virus tools to attempt to determine if the uploaded file is in fact some form of Malware. Virus definition are updated on an hourly basis. 5 MB File size limit.

ThreatExpert – Submit Your Sample Online – is an advanced automated threat analysis system (ATAS) designed to analyze and report the behavior of computer viruses, worms, trojans, adware, spyware, and other security-related risks in a fully automated mode. The ThreatExpert system produces reports with the level of technical detail that matches or exceeds antivirus industry standards such as those found in online virus encyclopedias. Results by Email, 5 MB File size limit.

VirusChief Antivirus online virus scan – offers a free service for online virus scan suspicious files (which *could* contain a computer virus) using several antivirus engines.

avast! Online Scanner – Online virus scanner gives the possibility to check your files quickly and free of charge. 512 KB File size limit.

(C)lamAV (O)nline (S)pecimen (S)canner – With this tool you can test whether ClamAV already detects a specimen. If not, please follow the instructions to submit it. This tool is intended to encourage people who have no copy of ClamAV handy (for testing purpose) to submit their samples to ClamAV. 500 KB File size limit. – It is simple and absolutely free. You upload your files from your browser and they are immediately scanned by the latest version of Dr.Web® anti-virus with with the most recent virus definitions loaded. The scan report is then returned to you.

Filterbit – facilitates rapid detection of viruses, trojans, worms and other malware that may be contained within your uploaded files. In many cases, Filterbit can also scan, analyze and individually identify multiple files contained within a file archive such as Winzip, WinRar, PKZip and other types. Filterbit also analyzes the types of each uploaded file such as Microsoft Word, PDF, TXT and other types and reports this in a human readable format.

NoVirusThanks – Free Online Virus & Malware Scan Service – offers a free service that scan suspicious files for possible presence of virus, worms, trojans and any other kind of malware using several Anti-Virus engines. Malware Analysis – free online malicious software (malware) analysis tool provides a fast comprehensive evaluation of a variety of malware such as botnet software, viruses, spyware, trojans, and keyloggers. – You upload your files from your browser and they are immediately scanned by the latest version of Dr.Web anti-virus with with the most recent virus definitions loaded. The scan report is then returned to you.

Comodo Instant Malware Analysis – Once the file is submitted, COMODO Automated Analysis System will scan it and report back its findings. – Find embedded malware in documents, PDFs or emails – an advanced malware detection engine designed to decrypt and extract malicious executables from common document formats such as MS Office Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, or Adobe PDF documents. ViCheck will detect the majority of embedded executables in documents as well as common exploits which download malware from the internet.

EUREKA! – Eureka incorporates advanced API deobfuscation capabilities to facilitate the structural analysis of the underlying malware logic. For each uploaded binary, the Eureka service will attempt to unpack and disassemble the binary, and will produce an annotated callgraph, subroutine/data index page, strings summary, and list of embedded DNS entries.

malware tracker: pdf examiner – View PDF objects as hex/text, PDF dissector and inspector, scan for known exploits

PDF X-RAY – PDF X-RAY is a PDF scanner that will try and classify if a suspicious PDF is malicious or not.

Malwr – allows you to analyze suspicious files and extract information on their process and network behavior while being executed. It’s built on top of an open source malware analysis system called Cuckoo Sandbox

BitBlaze Malware Analysis – an automated malware service including code unpacking using Renovo. You can get the analysis results by submitting malware samples or suspicious executable binaries that you want to investigate. The analysis takes a few minutes, and the system notifies you through e-mail when the analysis results are ready.

Autovin Panda Security- Autovin » Malware Submission

Xandora – Your Online Binary Analyser – Tool for analyzing the behavior of Windows PE-executables with special focus on the analysis of malware. Execution of results in the generation of a report file that contains enough information to give a human user a very good impression about the purpose and the actions of the analyzed binary.

Malbox System – Malbox is a service for malware analysis. Submit your Windows executable(*.exe) or compressed(*.zip)(name the file you want to analysis as "main.exe")files and you will receive an analysis report telling you what it does

Joedoc – Is your document malicious or not?

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