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Free Browser Security and Privacy Tests – Online

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How secure is your browser, what uniquely identifiable information is being shared by your browser? Take the tests below to find answers to those questions.

Free Browser Security and Privacy Tests – BrowserSpy can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser. Stuff like the version of your browser. What kind of things it supports and what it doesn't support. Furthermore it can provide you detailed information about JavaScript, Java, Plug-ins, Components, Bandwidth, Language, Screen, Hardware, IP, Cookies, Web Server, Adobe Reader,, Google Chrome and Microsoft Silverlight, and much more…. Analyzer – checks the privacy of your Internet connection and shows what web sites can know about you when you visit. The information can be used to display personalized web content for your country and web browser and increase security for business transactions. The test looks at the information sent by your web browser. There is information in the "header" each time your web browser makes a request.

Leader Online – Online privacy and proxy tests, flexible whois tool, ping, traceroute and more…

LongURL – Avoid phishing, malware, and viruses by examining short URLs before visiting them. Find out where links really take you.

Browser Mirror – See what your browser reveals

IP Pages – IP Address properties of your Internet Connection.

My Browser Info – is the fastest and easiest way to determine your IP address and information about your Web browser.

HTTP Viewer – It intercepts and displays *everything* that transpires between a browser and any given web page, showing you stuff your browser normally hides.

BrowserHawk – Browser capabilities test page – Detailed browser analysis

Web Browser Privacy Check – checks what security related information is exposed by your web browser to any website that you visit. By accessing this page via an anonymizing proxy or any other internet privacy solution you can judge how effectively your identity is hidden.

Qualys BrowserCheck – Qualys BrowserCheck is a cross-platform and cross-browser SaaS service that scans the user’s browser looking for vulnerabilities in the browser itself and its plug-ins. This tool will also help you fix the security issues discovered by the scan.

Browserscope – Browserscope is a community-driven project for profiling web browsers. The goals are to foster innovation by tracking browser functionality and to be a resource for web developers.

Fortify – SSL Encryption Check – Visit this link to know the details about your browsers encryption capability.

JSecure – It’s designed to let you test the integrity of the security manager built into your web browser or Java applet viewer.

PC Flank: Browser Test – This test will check if your browser reveals any of your personal information. This might be the sites you have visited, the region you live in, who your Internet Service Provider is, etc. The test will recommend specific settings of your browser for you to change.

Check IP Address: What is my IP address, Detect ISP, Detect IP – this test will show you some additional information that is sent automatically by your browser and can be collected by websites when you visit them.

DNS Stuff – Information about you.

Panopticlick – How unique and trackable is your browser?

Browser Check – The information you share with Web sites is only as safe as your Web browser. This Browser Test can ensure you’ve got the latest, most secure Web browser.

Your Browser Matters – Made by Micorsoft to promote Internet Explorer. This Website rates Internet Explorer higher than both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Metasploit Decloaking Engine – This tool demonstrates a system for identifying the real IP address of a web user, regardless of proxy settings, using a combination of client-side technologies and custom services. No vulnerabilities are exploited by this tool. A properly configured Tor setup should not result in any identifying information being exposed.

Online Privacy Test – Check Your Internet Privacy – Online privacy test to analyze what does your browser reveal to websites, in addition to your IP address. Modern web browsers provide a user with a lot of features but they have also been designed to reveal your IP address and tons of other “innocent looking” information to websites.

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