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Privacy: Microsoft Wants to Be Your Big Brother

by Shanmuga| Tweet This | Google +1 | Facebook | Stumble It | Reddit | Digg |

malware-help0013-12-jan-08.jpg"It’s not science-fiction. It’s a real technology and it cannot be allowed to happen or privacy will vanish. In Microsoft’s vision of tomorrow’s office, according to a report in the London Times, our computers will be constantly monitoring us with wireless sensors. There’s nothing new about Big Brother software. Programs that measure how many keystrokes we make per minute are old hat. If you work in an office and think for one moment that your e-mail, instant messaging or Web-browsing habits are in some way secret, you’re a fool.

But, in Microsoft’s new world, Windows You will not only be measuring medical biometrics, it will also be monitoring your metabolism. Are you logy after a big lunch? Windows You will be letting your boss know. Overweight? Had a drink at lunch? Falling asleep at the keyboard? Gotcha, gotcha and gotcha." – Content courtesy of Microsoft Wants to Be Your Big Brother

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