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Q and A: Malware analysis

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"Greg Hoglund is the CEO and Founder of HBGary. He has been a pioneer in the area of software security. After writing one of the first network vulnerability scanners, he created and documented the first Windows NT-based rootkit, founding in the process. Greg went on to co-found Cenzic through which he orchestrated numerous innovations in the area of software fault injection. In this interview Greg discusses malware analysis.

What are the biggest challenges related to malware analysis today?

One of the greatest challenges is attribution: figuring out not only who wrote the malware, but also who bought and paid for it, and who is operating it. As a whole, the security industry needs to start focusing more on the human threat. The malware is just a tool — the real threat is the human who operates it." – Content courtesy of Q&A: Malware analysis

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