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Recommended Reads – 05 March 2011

by Shanmuga| Tweet This | Google +1 | Facebook | Stumble It | Reddit | Digg |

Before You Install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 — Krebs on Security – "Microsoft is now offering Windows 7 users “Service Pack 1,” a bundle of security updates and minor feature improvements. If you’re thinking about installing this update, read on for a few caveats and tips that may change your mind. "

Your guide to the seven types of malicious hackers | Security Central – InfoWorld – "Even the most well-defended organization will likely find itself under attack by outsiders. Whether you’re attacked today or tomorrow, it’s important to understand the motivation and objective of your intruders — doing so can help you devise an appropriate defense. Malicious hackers can, in fact, be broken out under some broad classifications. "

How to Browse Privately on Public Wi-Fi For Free – Computerworld – "In this tutorial I explain how to create a secure setup that’ll stop anybody from snooping on your Wi-Fi-transmitted data, regardless of what type of Internet connection you’re using. It won’t cost a penny because we’re going to use entirely free-of-charge software, although you’ll need an old PC to act as a server and your Internet router will need to be able to work with a dynamic DNS service. "

How to avoid Android phone virus and malware – How-to – – "It is no secret that mobile platforms are ripe targets for malware. The explosion of smartphones and tablets, combined with the lack of security awareness or tools for mobile platforms makes them particularly attractive targets. Apparently, Android has caught the attention of mobile malware developers because the number of threats is on the rise."

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