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Top Internet Security Trends of 2009

by Shanmuga| Tweet This | Google +1 | Facebook | Stumble It | Reddit | Digg |

"The Security Response team has compiled the top security trends of 2009. We pulled data from the Global Intelligence Network and the experiences of the thousands of analysts and security experts at Symantec to come up with the top trends for the year. While none of these trends will be a surprise to anyone even casually following the threat landscape, when compiled and summarized, it is clear that the breadth of security problems in the past year was pretty stunning.

For example:

• Toolkits and threat recycling have made malware easier to create than ever
• Polymorphic technology is being applied to make threats harder to catch
• Botnets, large and small, are used as the foundation of attacks making most attacks complex
• All major news events are used for social engineering
• Major brands are being appropriated by cybercriminals to lure online victims

But, it’s the numbers we saw that really show the size of the problem:

• A 9x increase in the amount of spam messaging containing malware
• More than 43 million rogue security software installations
• 14.4 million drive-by download attempts in one two-month period
• In May 2009, 95% of all email was spam
• 403 data breaches in 2009, resulting in 220 million exposed records" – Content courtesy of Breadth of Security Issues in 2009 = Stunning | Symantec Connect

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