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Trend Micro website infected users with Trojan

by Shanmuga| Tweet This | Google +1 | Facebook | Stumble It | Reddit | Digg |

"Antivirus vendor Trend Micro Inc. confirmed Thursday that "some portions" of its site had been hacked earlier this week, but hedged when asked if those pages had been serving up attack code to unsuspecting visitors.

"I can’t confirm or deny the details," said Mike Sweeny, a spokesman for the Tokyo-based security company, on Thursday afternoon. "Some pages were compromised, but we took those pages down and took corrective action hours ago." When pressed for more information, Sweeny would only say the attack was "under analysis."" – Content courtesy of Trend Micro site infected users with Trojan

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sprachcaffe malta September 9, 2008 at 3:11 PM

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