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TrueCrypt 5 released

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"TrueCrypt, an encryption program designed to hide your data from prying eyes, has released a new update that adds the ability to encrypt an entire disk. Seems like just about everyday we read about yet another exposure of sensitive data because someone’s laptop was stolen, but if those careless employees had used TrueCrypt it wouldn’t be a problem.

The standout feature in the latest release of TrueCrypt offers users the ability to encrypt an entire disk. Support of full disk encryption makes TrueCrypt a solid alternative to expensive commercial solutions and means anyone wanting to get at your files will need to get past the pre-boot authentication screen." – Content courtesy of Stop Data Snooping Spies With TrueCrypt 5 | Compiler from

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Saqib Ali February 11, 2008 at 9:50 AM

I installed TrueCrypt on my laptop and ran some benchmark tests.

Benchmark Results:

1) Easy to use product. Simple clean interface. Very user-friendly!
2) Free and Open Source
3) Multiple Encryption and Hashing algorithm available.

1) Buffered Read and Buffered Transfer Rate was almost halved after TrueCrypt FDE was enabled :-(.
2) Access Time for large file (250+MB) increased by 11%.
3) The initial encryption of the 120 GB HDD took 2 hours.


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