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I want to congratulate you on the great work you’re doing to empower consumers with information and help them stay safe online and protect their computers and personal information. We know first-hand that it’s a tough job!

Alvaro Puig, Consumer Education Specialist, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C.
By E Mail

Good Malware Prevention and Removal Site
Here you can find excellent advice on how to configure your system to reduce the chance of spyware infection plus detailed information how to remove an existing infection. Most of this information is available elsewhere but the site owner Shanmuga has done an excellent job compiling the information and making it accessible. Well worth visiting and bookmarking.
Gizmo Richards
Best Computer Security Sites

Good Anti-Malware Site
If you want to learn something about malware, particularly spyware and adware, give Malware Help.Org a look. Webmaster Shanmuga has put up some interesting and useful articles.
Larry Seltzer, Contributing Editor – PC Magazine, Security Center Editor – Security Blog

It looks like a great information
site. There is a lot of information that is difficult to split up and make
understandable, which you have done a good job with.
Tim Tibbetts, Founder, – By E Mail

Good Malware Prevention and Removal Site
Surfing on the net can bring some nasty surprises. I try to ensure that none of the sites I visit and/or recommend to you to see will implant spyware or malware (malicious spyware) on your computer. If you need to know more about this threat to computers that are connected to the net, then have a look at the Malware Help.Org-Malware Removal-Spyware Removal-Malware-Spyware Prevention site. It could come in handy – just in case.
Mac McLellan Mac’s Picks of the Week

I was just going through your website , and I must appreciate your attempt and work…..Again , a great job and keep it up.
Subratam, MS-MVP

What an excellent site. The structure and content is second to none. Keep up the good work folks!!
John McKenna aka captain spyware
keep up what your doing here for the community, your content is excellent!
Thanks for your diligence and efforts.
Brilliant job welldone, Keep it up.

Great Job on the site Shanmuga. You have put together outstanding resources for those looking for answers as well as educating themselves and others on Malware. We all appreciate you and your efforts, keeping us all update up-to-date on the latest threats.

Job Well Done! and Keep up the Great Work!


Great security site! Keeps up with the latest security articles and has a lot of great information about keeping your computer safe.

MarthaMartha’s Web

I saw your website in Fred’s LangaList. Very nice job…….Again, nice website, keep up the good work.

Clif Notes

Nice site! and should be a useful resource.

Ramesh, Microsoft MVP By E Mail

I came across your website in doing some research and was very impressed by the breadth of information you have available on your site……Again, I love your site and appreciate your efforts to help protect regular users from today’s Internet threats.

Benjamin Z. Rice, Managing Director, WinProxy Security Division, Blue Coat Systems, Inc. – By E Mail

……… is well worth a visit as it explains the dangers in unwittingly harboring this type of software, and how to destroy it without destroying your own data as well. Do have a read of this site. It’s well worth your time.
Mac McLellan
Mac’s Picks of the Week

All sorts of info about malware and getting rid of it – but alas, no RSS feed.
Mike Gunderloy

Keep up the great work!


To All Concerned
My name is John & I sincerely with my utmost appreciation for your Website. I was led to this website accidentally by their site provided me with clear instructions on privacy settings for internet explorer 6.0. But gave a short discouse on the xml files. I compared all that were listed in short time decided that your site would benefit me the best !!!

In short I think that I have been blessed for arriving to your website. my privacy means everything to me & my family. great & absolutely clear information for me to apply in everyday use of my computer…

Sincerely & Mahalo,

John By E Mail

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